Much of the 20th century focused on building car-centric infrastructure that for the most part disconnected and divided our neighborhoods with immovable barriers.  It has harmed our cities, devalued property, and isolated people.  We aim to re-think these transportation networks, find funding, and deliver 21st century urban environments that are economically profitable, environmentally sustainable, and are interactive socially.

Scope and Skills:

Project identification and opportunities, conceptual planning and design, development scenarios, economic development and cost-benefit analysis, case-making, and grant writing assistance.


I-30 Reroute

Location: Dallas, TX

Location: Dallas, TX
Project Specs: Line 1
Project Specs: Line 2
Project Specs: Line 3
Project Specs: Line 4
Project Specs: Line 5


I-345 Tear Out

Location: Dallas, TX


Location: Stockton, CA